Happy New Year

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Happy New Year to you and yours!  I hope 2013 brings you everything you would wish for yourself!  

Have you ever set a goal, perhaps even a New Years Resolution, and not achieved it?  If so, you're far from being alone! 

Are you still waiting at cold bus stops? Struggling to get back from the shops? Puzzling how to pick your children up, or get to a new job?

Make 2013 the year you gain your independence and find the road to freedom by passing your driving test.

Even if you’ve never dared to sit behind a steering wheel before, Adrian can help you with everything you need to learn to drive safely, and pass you test. 

To start you off, your first lesson includes two hours for the price of one. 

Make learning to drive a realistic New Year’s resolution, and keep it! Get the ball rolling by getting in touch with Adrian today, and make 2013 the year YOU get in the driving seat.

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